24 May Pursonic High Power

Pursonic High Power Sonic Toothbrush with 12 Bonus Brush Heads

The Pursonic High Power Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush kind of reminds me of Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver – it’s got the same sort of high-tech look to it. I realize if you’re not a Doctor Who fan you might be scratching your head at this point, but you’ll have to take my word for it. Of course I’m not about to purchase an electric toothbrush because it reminds me of a tool that a character in one of my favorite TV shows uses! Although . . . it still makes it pretty cool, in my eyes.

What really makes this model by Pursonic attractive is its combination of great features in an affordable package. The suggested retail price of this brush is about $90, but most of the time you’ll find it for about half that. That’s a great deal on an electric toothbrush that also comes with 12 bonus replacement heads.


This is a brush that’s meant to be used by an entire family – that’s why they provide you with the 12 replacement heads. If you’re thinking to yourself “How do you know which brush head is whose?” you’re probably not alone; as it happens they are color-coded, which makes this pretty easy to figure out. There are four different colors included, so if you’ve got a family that’s larger than four, someone’s probably going to be out of luck.

While it may be a family-friendly brush because of its color-coded multiple heads, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great option for someone living by themselves or a couple with no children. In that case you’ll simply have a greater length of time between your initial purchase and when you’ll have to finally buy replacement heads for this sonic brush. Either way the 12 extra brushes are a great addition.

12 Bonus Replacement Heads

Vibrating the Plaque Away

What’s great about sonic toothbrush technology is that it does a great job of removing plaque from your teeth. A sonic toothbrush removes plaque by vibrating rapidly and this model is designed to vibrate as much as 40,000 times per minute – that’s a lot of brush strokes. It’s a great piece of technology which is capable of removing far more plaque than would ever be possible with a manual brush.

Not everybody loves sonic vibration technology though, as it does create quite a tingly feeling in your mouth. Most people get used to this over time, but some complain that it’s just too irritating. This is probably more common in people with sensitive teeth, but it’s a concern nonetheless. I would suggest if you’ve got extremely sensitive teeth you may want to consider a different option.

A Variety of Modes and a Built-In Timer

The Pursonic High Power brush comes with three different modes, which is actually kind of surprising for such a reasonably priced product. It includes a normal mode for most brushing situations, a sensitive mode which slows the vibration down somewhat for people with sensitive teeth, and a massage mode which is good for cleaning the gums. This type of choice is generally only found on much more expensive models, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this offered in this product.

Another great feature that this affordable sonic toothbrush has is a built-in timer. Dentists generally recommend that you brush your teeth for about two minutes every session and that you concentrate in each quadrant of your mouth for 30 seconds before you move on to the next. It’s not uncommon for affordable brushes to have a two-minute timer built-in, but I’ve never seen a brush in this price range that also included 30-second alerts to let you know when to move from one quadrant to the other. That’s a great feature and one that definitely has me considering this product in a more positive light.

There’s Always Something

In my experience there are always one or two problems with any electrical product and this brush is no different. My biggest concern is probably the weak warranty the device comes with – it’s only a one year warranty and most electric toothbrushes offer a two-year warranty. This one doesn’t even make the industry-standard; that certainly makes you wonder how reliable this product really is.

As it turns out that’s not the only issue with this toothbrush; a common complaint that people have about this brush is that it’s very difficult to change the brush heads. That makes it hard to share the device between family members as we discussed above, and could potentially change my mind about the product. Some customers even complained that the head broke while attempting to change it, although to me it seems likely that this was probably more a case of frustration than poor workmanship. In fairness there are quite a few customers that claim the brush heads aren’t difficult to change at all.

The only other serious complaint that customers seem to have with this sonic toothbrush is that it may be a little noisier than similar products. Many complain that it makes a high-pitched noise that can be quite irritating. Personally, that probably wouldn’t be enough to put me off a great deal – I’d probably be willing to live with it.

Leaning Towards Yes

Admittedly, some customers seem to have a few concerns with this brush, but the overwhelming majority of people that have bought one seem to have been quite satisfied. When you consider that the product includes 12 replacement heads and that it has three different modes, all for a very affordable price, it seems like something I’d be willing to try out. It’s rare to find any product that everybody likes, and this brush does seem to have a lot of the features I’m looking for.

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