23 May Oral-B Vitality

Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean Toothbrush with Built-In Timer

Although it may be difficult to believe, choosing the right electric toothbrush can be a difficult choice. There’s a lot of variety in the marketplace and you can spend anywhere from $10 all the way up to $200. I’ll tell you right now, if I was to spend $200 on a toothbrush my wife wouldn’t be too impressed, but we all have our priorities. For the sake of marital bliss I’ve decided to try and look for an alternative brand of electric toothbrush that isn’t quite as expensive.

Fortunately for me there are some great products, such as the Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean electric toothbrush, at a much more reasonable price. This toothbrush has some great features and it’s available at a price that won’t risk any relationships. You will usually pay less than $30 for this brush.

Brush Innovation

One thing that always gets my attention is when a product has some sort of innovation that I haven’t seen before. Surprisingly, for an electric toothbrush at such a low price point this product by Oral-B has something that other electric toothbrushes don’t. It has indicator bristles in the brush head that start to fade as the brush head reaches the end of its life span. This makes it easy to tell when it’s time to change your brush and takes all the guesswork out of the process. In general you can expect the brush head to last for about three months.

Familiar Features

The higher-end electric toothbrushes have some common features outside of their simple capability to assist you in brushing your teeth. One of those features is a built-in timer which indicates to you in some way when you’ve brushed your teeth for the recommended two minutes. This toothbrush also has that feature, although it does not have an indicator to tell you when to switch quadrants as you’ll find with some toothbrushes. If you’re not sure what I’m referring to here, dentists like to divide your mouth into four quadrants and they recommend that you brush in each quadrant for 30 seconds. Unfortunately, this toothbrush isn’t designed to help you time when to switch quadrants.

What it does have is a rechargeable battery, which is normally a benefit reserved for the more expensive models of electric toothbrush. The only drawback that many customers point out is that this toothbrush doesn’t hold its charge very long – generally you can expect to get three or four days out of it, whereas with more expensive models the charge will generally last anywhere from ten days to three weeks.

Other Features

This Oral-B electric toothbrush has a dual clean capability; what this means is that one set of bristles moves in a circular motion, while another set of bristles moves back and forth, attacking more problem areas and giving you a more complete brushing experience. This allows the brush to actually dig into the hard to reach areas and remove more plaque than you’d be able to remove with a manual toothbrush. Not everyone loves this feature though, there are actually a couple of customers that have complained the brush has a tendency to pinch if it gets too close to your cheeks. Overall, though, most people seem to like this feature.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Arguably the biggest testament to this product’s quality is that the manufacturer actually promotes a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. This is not qualified in any way; they simply state that if you’re not satisfied with the product send it back with the receipt and they’ll refund your money. When companies want to back their products like this, I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.

A Good Deal

I’ve pretty much convinced myself that an electric toothbrush is the way to go now, and the Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush seems to be a great choice. I love the fact that I can have a rechargeable electric toothbrush for a budget price, and I’m really impressed that it has the built-in two-minute timer to tell me when I’ve brushed my teeth for the required length of time. I’ve probably been guilty in the past of rushing through my morning brush and this little feature will help to keep me on track. The one thing that really convinced me that this could be the toothbrush for me is the fact that the brush head’s bristles actually fade to tell you that it’s time to replace them.

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