24 May Oral-B Pro 5000

Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Toothbrush with Bluetooth

Some of the best things come in threes. For example, I have a friend with triplets and she just adores those three little babies. Granted, this doesn’t have a lot to do with electric toothbrushes, but who doesn’t like babies, right? The Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries electric toothbrush is also part of a threesome. More specifically, it’s part of an Oral-B line of toothbrushes that’s known for some pretty powerful features. Other toothbrushes in the line include the higher-end 7000 series and the entry-level 3000 series – as you guessed, the 5000 falls right in the middle of the two.

Like its 7000 series cousin (which I reviewed here), the Oral-B Pro 5000 has Bluetooth connectivity for tracking your brushing habits. It is missing a couple of things you’ll find in the higher-end model though, and that’s why you’ll find it priced a little lower – usually a little over $100. It still comes with a lot of great features and with some fairly significant savings; it may be a better choice if you’re trying to keep costs down.

Get Connected

Probably the most innovative feature in these Oral-B Pro series of brushes is that they allow you to connect with your smart phone via Bluetooth – at least the 5000 and 7000 models do. What’s the advantage of this? Well, the brush actually sends information about your brushing habits to an app you download to your phone so that you can track how you’re doing. The app will actually provide you with feedback and suggest how you might improve your brushing habits – it’s all pretty high-tech!

The other great advantage of having your toothbrush connect to your smart phone via Bluetooth and upload information about your brushing habits is that your dental professional can actually provide real-time feedback to you as well (this is, of course, if they’re willing to do that). That kind of quick feedback can potentially reduce cavities and cut back on the number of trips to the dentist you have to make. This technology really does give the Oral-B Pro line a big advantage.

What It Doesn’t Have

Now that we’ve told you about the innovative Bluetooth technology that this brush does include, we should probably take the time to tell you what it doesn’t have – that is, at least, in comparison to its 7000 series cousin. The reason why this brush is a little cheaper is that it only has five brushing modes, as opposed to the six that you get with the 7000 series model, and also, it doesn’t come with a travel case.

For me, having one last brushing mode isn’t that big a deal. The five modes that come with the 5000 series still offer you plenty of brushing options and cover most of your needs. What was a little bit more disappointing is the fact that this model doesn’t come with a travel case. If you’re someone like me that does a fair bit of traveling, there’s a good chance you’d like to take your toothbrush along with you. Unfortunately, with this model you’ll either have to throw it in your shaving bag or purchase a travel case separately for this toothbrush.

Customer Concerns

Before delving into any issues that customers have run into with this brush, I’d like to say that, overall, most people think it’s a great product. There’s always one or two though that aren’t satisfied and that’s why we mention these issues here.

Surprisingly one of the most common complaints about this brush is its innovative Bluetooth technology. A lot of customers feel this is simply overkill in a toothbrush, and unnecessary. They suggest they would’ve been happier having the same brush, with the same features, at a reduced price minus the Bluetooth. I can’t really agree with this though, as I think the Bluetooth connectivity is an excellent idea, but I guess it’s down to individual choice.

The other curious complaint that seemed to reoccur about this brush was that the charging indicator light tends to blink while charging and is quite bright. I guess the reason for the complaint is that it tends to light up the bathroom at night, although I can’t really see why this is such a big issue. In my mind having a night light in your bathroom at night isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Again, I think this comes down to personal choice rather than a real issue with the toothbrush’s capabilities.

A Nice Compromise

Overall, I really liked this brush. It has almost all of the features you’ll find with the 7000 series – minus one mode and the travel case – but at a considerable savings in price. As much as the travel case is a feature I like to see, I’m willing to do without it to save the money. This one definitely makes the shortlist.

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