23 May Oral-B Black 7000

Oral-B Black 7000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity

A few weeks back while I was going through my morning routine and brushing my teeth, the thought popped in my head that it might be a good idea to upgrade to an electric toothbrush. It was likely because I had just seen a commercial the day before for an impressive looking electric brush which was even capable of connecting with your smartphone! I’ll admit I have a bit of a thing for gadgets, so this almost immediately appealed to me. That toothbrush was the Oral-B Black 7000, and it’s quite an impressive product.

The price tag on this brush, though, may surprise you – you’re likely to pay well over $100 for it. I was a little taken aback as this seems like a lot to pay for a toothbrush, so I thought I’d do a little research before jumping into the purchase; I wasn’t quite prepared to pay that much. To be honest I was expecting to pay under $50 and this seemed like quite a big jump in price from what I had deemed a toothbrush to be worth. There is a lot of cool functionality that comes with this toothbrush that you won’t find anywhere else, though.

Connecting with Your Smart Phone

Normally I’d begin a review like this by looking at the more mundane aspects of a product, but I just couldn’t wait to talk about the cool smartphone integration of this toothbrush – as I mentioned, I have a weakness for technology! It’s something that drives my wife a little mental at times; okay, most of the time.

While it’s certainly not required, this brush does allow you to sync your smartphone with the brush’s Smartguide in order to keep track of your brushing habits over time; the Smartguide will store all of this information for you. It’s a sort of small little computer that comes with the brush, but it has a basic LCD screen which isn’t the nicest to look at. If you choose to sync the information from the Smartguide to your smartphone you have a lot more options. You can track things such as how regularly you brush, whether or not you’re brushing the required length of time, and how often you tend to push too hard when you’re brushing. You can actually view the statistics over months at a time to see if you’re making improvements in your brushing habits – it’s pretty cool!

Brushing Options

This electric toothbrush is about more than just its Bluetooth capability for linking with your smartphone; it’s also got some excellent features to help keep your teeth in great shape. It comes with three brush heads, so if you like, you and your spouse can both use the brush simply by swapping out the heads. It also has six different modes for different purposes, including an everyday daily clean, one for a deep clean, another one that focuses on trouble spots in your gums, and even one for sensitive teeth. Obviously we all have different oral care needs and the folks at Oral-B have taken that fact into account.

The other great thing about this brush is the head of the brush itself. It has a cross-action, round brush head with angled bristles set at a 16-degree angle to get into the tough areas. While you brush, the brush head will actually oscillate, rotate, and pulse to give you the deepest clean possible. According to the manufacturer it’s capable of breaking up 100% more plaque than a normal manual toothbrush. That may sound like a tall claim, but once you seen this brush in action it won’t appear too far-fetched.

Timing Your Brushing Habits

The Smartguide will begin timing the length of time you’re brushing as soon as you turn the brush on. Dentists recommend you brush for about two minutes so that’s the time the guide is aiming for. This is a pretty basic feature, but what makes it a little bit more impressive is that it actually divides your mouth into four quadrants. The idea is that you are expected to focus on each quadrant for 30 seconds, and once that 30 seconds is up your toothbrush has a built-in LED light that flashes green, indicating that you should move onto the next quadrant. If you’re pushing on the brush too hard the light will flash red instead, prompting you to apply less pressure. I’ll be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t realize that brushing could be this involved, but learning what this Oral-B SmartSeries was capable of really opened my eyes.

It’s Not All Hygiene Heaven

There’s one area where this brush is not all that impressive, and that’s with regard to its recharging power and battery. The consensus from people that have purchased this electric brush seems to be that it takes anywhere from 20 to 24 hours to charge! That’s a long time to wait to use your toothbrush. This charge is supposed to last you for about 10 days, but when you think about it, that’s not a lot of time at all, considering you only use the toothbrush for about two minutes. I’m no mathematician, but that translates into about 20 minutes of actual brushing time, which is a lot less than I was expecting.

The other curious thing about this product is that Oral-B also has a less expensive model called the Oral-B 5000 (reviewed here), which has most of the same capabilities as the more expensive 7000 series; it just comes with 5 modes instead of 6, oh, and the 7000 series also comes with a nice travel case. Personally, I’d probably be more inclined to save $50 and live with 5 modes instead of 6 and find my own travel case for a couple of dollars.

Impressive Stuff

Overall I was quite impressed with this brush. I love the fact that it has Bluetooth connectivity and enables you to track your brushing habits with your smartphone. Perhaps more importantly, I was also impressed with the different available brushing modes. I’d definitely consider purchasing this brush, although I’d be more likely to go with the 5000 series, which offers most of the same capabilities at a considerable saving.

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