24 May Jetpik JP200

Jetpik JP200 Elite with Irrigator and Pulsing Floss

When I discovered the Jetpik JP200 Elite I thought “Wow! This product is like your own little mini home dentist.” That’s no joke – it does it all. It combines a hydraulic flossing capability with a sonic toothbrush to address all of your dental hygiene needs. There aren’t too many devices on the market like it, although WaterPik does make a competing model that’s much bulkier. I like the idea of this Jetpik model because it has the same combination of features you find in the WaterPik model, but it’s a lot more compact and easier to move.

This water flossing and sonic toothbrush combination package is a little more expensive than the WaterPik model, and I was cautiously optimistic about this model because of its compact nature. If it works as well as the WaterPik but with a less bulky design, I’d consider it a better option as it would be great for traveling.

Flossing Function

While I’m not really looking for a flossing device, I don’t see any reason not to purchase a model that includes a flosser and an electric toothbrush combined into one package. The flossing part of the machine uses pressurized pulsating water that shoots in between sections of your gums to remove plaque. The machine also comes with floss tubes that you can mix with the water to give you a better clean.

If you’re trying to clean around braces it can be hard to reach all areas with a toothbrush. That’s why a powerful hydraulic flossing machine product like this can be a great alternative to simply brushing with a toothbrush. Most customers seem to like this Jetpik’s flossing capabilities, but some customers have complained that it doesn’t have quite enough pressure and, in some extreme cases, that it stops working after only a couple of weeks. That’s a major concern, as you don’t want to throw $120 away knowing that the machine might stop working after a couple of weeks.

A Sonic Clean

If you’re not familiar with what a sonic toothbrush can do, the name should be a pretty good hint. A sonic toothbrush uses vibration technology to attack the plaque on your teeth. In general you can expect the sonic toothbrush to perform up to 30,000 strokes per minute, which removes a lot of plaque. It’s an excellent tooth cleaning technology that’s become extremely popular over the last decade.

Changing the heads on this product from floss to toothbrush is very straightforward – you simply turn the head and pull it off. To switch to the other head you simply tighten the head in place until it clicks. The whole process takes a matter of a second or two and you’ll notice the handle has a built-in indicator to let you know which piece is attached.

Innovative Charging Technology

This machine has a built-in rechargeable battery and includes the charger with your purchase. The nice thing about this isn’t the rechargeable part but the fact that you can charge it via USB. This makes it a great unit to take with you when traveling outside your own country. North America and Europe, for example, work on different voltages, but with this unit you don’t have to worry about which country you’re in as you can simply buy the right USB charger for the country you are in and plug it in via USB.

As an avid traveler I’ve always been a little frustrated that more electric toothbrushes don’t include this option. It’s such a simple charging solution for people that travel and you’d think it would be a lot more common. This is even more frustrating because we live in a world where USB technology can be found on just about every other type of electrical device.

Poor Reliability

I have to admit that up to this point I was extremely excited about this product, but then I started to hear a lot of complaints about the lack of reliability associated with it. A significant number of customers have actually complained that part, or all, of this device stopped working after only two or three weeks of operation. It seems like most of these complaints have been with respect to the flossing part of the machine, but that’s still unacceptable. If a customer was looking to buy an electric toothbrush exclusively, they wouldn’t purchase this product in the first place.

The other common complaint about this product is that it’s cheaply made. Again, most of these types of complaints are directed at the flossing capability of the machine, or more specifically, the tubes that connect the water source to the flossing attachment. On more than one occasion customers have complained that the tubes snapped after only a few weeks of use. If that happened to me I’d be extremely frustrated, even if the manufacturer replaced it quickly. The point is, you don’t want to buy a defective product in the first place and have to go through the whole process of trying to replace it.

Too Many Question Marks

The Jetpik JP200 is a product I really wanted to like, but there just seems to be too many problems associated with it to take the risk. Sure, there are plenty of consumers that seem to love it, but there are one too many complaints about it for my liking.

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