Electric Toothbrush Extras - It’s All about the Add-Ons

In my opinion there are essentially two different types of people – those that like things plain and simple and those that prefer to spice things up. If you like a little spice in your life, chances are you look for that zest in everything you do and have – even something as simple as your toothbrush. I’m definitely one of these people. I love the little extras that add value to a product, even if they don’t directly affect its performance.

There are all kinds of little extras that come with electric toothbrushes and some of them may surprise you. Can you live without them? More than likely, but why would you want to? If you can find a great toothbrush with some great extra features and benefits that make your life that much easier, I’m all for that.

For the Traveler

The first extra item I’d like to look at here is the travel case. It’s a simple little thing that often comes with electric toothbrushes but, unfortunately, not all electric toothbrushes offer one. In fact, some of the more expensive electric toothbrushes are quite bulky and difficult to take with you. Personally, I think the best choice for an electric toothbrush is one that’s compact enough to travel with you and, obviously, one that comes with a travel case.

A good travel case easily accommodates your toothbrush as well as your charging device, and it should have room for an extra brush head just in case. Sure, you can buy a shaving kit travel bag and put your electric tooth brush inside, but there’s a good chance it will end up all gunked up in no time from mixing in with your other items. The best choice is a simple travel case that’s compact and fits your electric toothbrush snugly.

Diamondcare With Case

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Flossing Combos

Another handy thing you’ll sometimes find included with an electric toothbrush is a water flossing device. Most of us are familiar with the WaterPik devices, but there are other companies out there that produce electric flossing devices, and more than one of them combines them with an electric toothbrush product. In many cases these are no more expensive than some of the higher-end electric toothbrushes, and you get the bonus of a great flossing product as well.

If there’s one thing I’ve never been very good at its finding the time to floss properly. It always seems like a bit of a pain – especially when I’m in a hurry. If, on the other hand I had a device that sat on my bathroom counter with my electric toothbrush and a flossing device in one product, I would probably do a better job of flossing. I’m one of those people that tends to forget about something if it’s not right there in front of me; for the most part my floss tends to remain forgotten in the drawer.

Floss Combo

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UV Cleaning

When I discovered that there are electric toothbrushes that also come with UV sanitizing devices I was definitely surprised. If you’re wondering what the purpose of one of these devices is, they’re designed to eliminate the bacteria that gets left behind on your brush once you’re done brushing. According to most dentists these devices can actually remove up to 99% of the bacteria that gets left behind.

The way it works is simple. Once you’re done brushing you simply place your brush in its stand-up case and close it. In that case is a UV light, normally powered by a plug-in charger that fits into a normal wall outlet. This UV light is very effective at killing bacteria; as long as you leave it in the case until the next time you use your brush there’s a good chance most of the bacteria will be removed, leaving your brush nice and clean. Let’s face it, your mouth is full of bacteria and while rinsing off your brush may help to remove some of it, it doesn’t get rid of most of the bacteria. This device takes care of what’s left.

Steraline with UV Cleaning

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I Can’t Live without the Extras

The items we’ve discussed above aren’t essential if you’re in the market for an electric toothbrush, but they are nice little extras for sure. Personally I travel a lot, so the travel case is something I would consider essential. But having a built-in flossing capability and a UV cleaning capability is nothing to sneeze at either. If you ask me, as long as an electric toothbrush fits nicely inside your budget, it’s a worthwhile bonus if it also happens to include some of these extras.

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