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Everything has a value, even the mundane old toothbrush. I’ve probably always known this – it’s just that I never really gave it too much thought before. Like most people I’ve always trudged along, day by day, brushing away oblivious to the fact that I might not be doing enough for my teeth.

It turns out that my carefree attitude probably wasn’t doing me any favors. I started looking into what I could do to improve my oral hygiene recently, and all roads led me to the conclusion that it was time to throw away the old brush and head on over to the electric side. My journey didn’t stop there, though, because as it turns out there’s a lot of variety in the electric toothbrush world and it didn’t take me long to find this out.

There are battery-powered brushes, electric brushes, oscillating-rotating electric brushes, just standard rotating electric brushes, and sonic powered brushes. There are electric brushes that can be purchased for under $10 and there are electric brushes that are going to cost you more than $200. All of this left my brain spinning a little bit, and that’s why I decided to do a little research before I picked the brush that was right for me.

In a short period of time I’d learned a lot about electric toothbrushes and I thought I could create a website to share that information with others. This site is the final product of all that searching around, and while I may have made my decision on which type of electric brush I’m now interested in purchasing, I’ll let you use this information to make your own decision about what’s right for you.

The only suggestion I’m really going to make is that you definitely should make the switch to an electric toothbrush. No, I’m no expert and I’m certainly not a dentist, but I’ve done a fair amount of research on the topic. My opinion is backed up by research done by experts; most of them seem to support the conclusion that an electric toothbrush is much better at removing plaque and preventing gum disease than a traditional tooth brush. Ultimately the choice is yours, but I hope this site helps you on your way.

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